Residence VV


Hidden on the edge of a dune area in Oostduinkerke, this contemporary coastal villa subtly reflects in its materialization the typical fishermen’s houses of the past. With a limed brick façade and two artlessly stacked volumes near the living area, a virtuoso sea breeze gently blows past the building, along which a dune garden with garden pavilion was designed.
Simple, yet luxurious looking thanks to the pale oak hardwood flooring and light tones of the custom work, the interior reflects all the colors of the coast. The contemporary interior is designed with domestic, warm-looking wood hardwood parquet floors and finished with accents in soft-blasted Italian natural stone. The bathrooms were completely detailed in cement ciré. Next to the garden pavilion, a fireplace prominently intersects the outdoor environment, reducing the dream of cozying up around a fire in the dunes to its essence.
Characterful, high-quality and timeless materials combined with detailed designs give your home or office just that little bit more.