Office VDV


Along Sint-Amands square in Roeselare, a former contractor built a series of historic buildings with glazed brick for his three sons. As part of these identical first-floor dwellings with a sublime view of the Sint-Amand Church, this building was completely divided into small rooms. Today, thanks to an added play of openings and light incisions, it manages to turn out with an enormous sense of space. In addition to de-rusting and repainting all the metal elements in the facade, the entire front facade was restored to its original color scheme.
The building underwent a complete metamorphosis and today is a unique office stretching over the building’s five floors. The historic paneling applied to the walls was finished with a sublime clay finish and refers to the original construction phase. French oak in herringbone parquet with a gold border and windows dressed with fine woven linen clearly highlight some design classics.