Residence DV


Tucked into a quiet residential neighborhood, within walking distance of the coast of Oostduinkerke, this contemporary villa immediately evokes a vacation feeling. Closed at the front, with an open character at the back as a counterbalance, this residence is characterized by a natural appearance that even the complex thatched roof cannot negate. The massive, homogeneous volumes define both the spatial and functional layout of the residence that is in direct contact with its surroundings.
The minimalist glazing, the chimney in blue braised papestone and the accents in the wooden cladding translate this timeless design into a complex and exuberant structure. The search for the right composition of the roof took shape thanks to the horizontal lines of the natural stone terrace. A view through to the garden from the fully subterranean dwelling with underground parking, without any interference of elements obstructing the view, provides a view of the stately swimming pool where it is undoubtedly delightful to linger.