Het Gulden Claverbladt

Grote Markt Antwerpen

At the base of the Cathedral of Our Lady on Antwerp’s Grote Markt is this authentic building from the 16th and 17th centuries . The gilded ship on top of the roof was designed by Leopold van Esbroeck and reflects the rich building history.
This beautiful piece of architecture was destroyed by a fire, but was restored during the 20th century . Thanks to a conservation treatment of the impressive facade, the building regains as much cachet today as it did in the past. The sashes of the windows regained their original color, the stained glass was carefully restored and reinstalled.
In one of the oldest Pagadder towers in Antwerp, you walk up the spiral staircase to the attic, where there is a fantastic view of the city hall and the cathedral. The interior of the building today occupies three suites for tourism and faces a new, fruitful future.