Geneeskunst aan de Leie



In the 1930s architect Henry van de Velde was working on the Ghent University library and on an entirely different (twofold) private project: the outpatient Clinic for Internal Diseases and Villa Landing for Dr. Adriaan Martens in Astene (Deinze). As a pioneer specialist in internal diseases and dietetic education, Adriaan Martens was well known in the medica and political world. Although both buildings at first glance differ from one another, mainly due to the use of different materials, some striking parallels can be drawn as well. With their sculptural volumes, large rounded corners, typical brick surfaces and well-thought-out integration into the surrounding landscape; both the clinic and the villa are typical exponents of Henry van de Velde’s second Belgian period (1926-1948). This book focuses both on the life of Adriaan Martens, the architecture of the buildings; the original materials and color schemes and the interior decoration, and on the art collection in both buildings. In addition, the heritage value of both projects is assessed.

  • Stichting Kunstboek
  • Benoît Vandeputte
  • HB, 240 x 170 mm, 112 p, 70 illustrations
  • NL edition
  • Publication date: Aug. 18
  • ISBN: 9789058565976 (HB – NL)