‘t Hof Van Maldeghem

Garenmarkt Brugge

On the Garenmarkt in picturesque Bruges, two of Bruges’ five traverse buildings are part of the Unesco World Heritage Site. The two medieval buildings from the 12th and 13th centuries, received an Artful Repair in 1911. As these protected monuments were completely stripped of their original appearance, the sublime front and rear facades were reconstructed to make them ready for the future with respect for their turbulent past. Of course, this was preceded by extensive archaeological research that uncovered traces of the former tanning industry.
In refining them into four luxury homes, it was essential that the original materials be preserved as much as possible. Unique front guillotine windows were reconstructed according to the original and last remaining model. In the past, the historic rear façade of Garenmarkt 1 was constructed with authentic white stone cross mullions, which have also been reconstructed today. Likewise, the original color scheme on the joinery was completely restored.