Residence TR


Enduring, quality and robust materials here interact with playful greenery in a woodland setting. Several strong paths in washed-out concrete connect these nineteen unique assisted residences to the cozy center states of Ingelmunster. On the facade, which is identical in pigment to the paths, the chipping technique was applied by hand, where the grout creates a fine texture on the walls. The fully submerged inner garden with its feathery trees, ferns and sublime forest plantings, combined with water and light elements, forms a sensational urban jungle and the perfect gateway to the city park.
The seclusion of the inner garden is completely disconnected from outside impressions and offers a warm security. The gray-black tones of the building create a serene setting in which the greenery of the inner garden flourishes. Several parts of the interior were pared down and are ornamented with identical curtains and siding. Thus, the extraordinary uniformity radiates throughout the building.