Reconstructie Sint Anna


Scarce documents from the city archives and some vague photographs are the basis of this unique reconstruction of a building on Sint-Anna square in Ghent. Since the building was in poor condition, it was illegally demolished in the 1990s. All the buildings that frame the Sint-Anna square were designed by the same hand. The city of Ghent therefore wanted the same uniformity once again, only a reconstruction of the city’s historic buildings could adorn the square.
In collaboration with Arrow architects, all the historical details on the facade were reconstructed. It was guessing about the dividing structure, the thicknesses of the carvings and the means used to decorate the facade at the time. After an in-depth study, the entire facade was redrawn and the plastered facade with wood joinery regained as much cachet as before. The ironwork of the ceiling moldings and facade ornaments was recast according to completely redesigned models, and historical details were given the place they deserve.