Offices DG


This unique office design project on a 35,000 m² site in Deinze is a unified creation architecture that offers a scale of embrace to the vast plot. A wall plinth of 120 m long was designed to surround the entire structure, matching the dynamism of the wooden cladding with the minimalist glazing and rhythm of the concrete. The sublime play of forms of the stairs and elevator shaft give direction to the accumulation of the different floors and lead to the top of the roof, where a helipad was provided.
The interior forms a complete immersive experience. Pierre De Varin floor, combined with coarse and velvet carpets. A natural stone, floating stairwell, designed with brushed bronze and metal, combined with an underground patio and green elements, clearly sharpen the relationship between inside and outside. Light enters the underground nightclub-style fitness and relaxation area through an impressive light shaft.