Office M1


Near the connecting road between Geluwe and Menen, on the last plot of an agricultural plot, there is this contemporary and classy office building. The long step along with a raised path forms the way to the voluminous building. The interesting interaction of forms is the result of a partnership between three building partners who embrace their different activities in one architectural gem. Both by day and by night, this corporate environment is perfectly embedded in its surroundings, thanks to the washed-out concrete on the walls. Thanks to the lines of the architecture and the continuous lighting, it forms a beautiful play of forms in its surroundings.
From upholstery and custom furniture to lighting and graphics, everything was designed by the same hand. Mulberry oak on the walls, bronze accents in the furniture and large natural stone tiles, together with some design classics such as Arne Jacobsen and Wegner, create enormous grandeur. The uniformity of this design clearly translates in all its facets.